Pediatric Therapy

The goal of Advanced Motion Pediatric Therapy Services is to provide Physical and/or Occupational Therapy to help children become as independent as possible. A child increases his/her ability in self-care, work and play consistent with their development, culture and occupational roles.

The therapists rendering services are employed by Advanced Motion Therapeutic Massage, Inc. and are Occupational and/or Physical Therapists licensed to practice by the state of Florida. Upon receiving a referral, the front office will schedule an appointment for a screening and evaluation.  If services are appropriate for the patient, a regular schedule will be established.

Our Children's Therapy services include:
●  Evaluation
●  Physical Therapy (PT)
●  Occupational Therapy (OT)
●  Sensory Training
●  Neuro-Developmental Treatment

Indications for PT and OT Referral:
Lower extremity disorders 
Decreased: strength, range of motion and endurance
Impaired function i.e. gait problems
Sensory impairment
Developmental delay
Joint contractures with potential for improvement
Increased or decreased muscle tone
Prolonged hospitalization
Congenital malformations
Burns/open wounds
Problems with balance
Decreased overall endurance/strength
Wheelchair needs
Pain (Pharmacologic)

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