Patient Testimonials

"This is the place to go if you want to go to a professional & thorough rehabilitation facility. I highly recommend this place. The therapists carefully explained the importance of every exercise and the pleasant front staff are always helpful." ~ C.B.

"I was very comfortable and the PT's were there for me. If I ever have to have therapy again, I would go to Advanced Motion Therapeutic, and I recommend anyone else that needs expert therapy to go here!"
~ J.S.

"When I first came to Advanced Motion Therapeutic I was apprehensive about the process. Quickly my mind was changed. From the front desk to the therapists everyone was so nice. They help you in any way they can. The OT's are GREAT and very knowledgeable. They work with you so that you will get the best treatment/program that they can give you. "  ~ J.T. 

"Prior to AMT my pain was constant and sometimes like lightning bolts. After my first treatment it was almost gone. Continued treatment and muscle therapy has been a huge blessing. I am pretty sure that I am young again."  G.S. 

"When I first started physical therapy I was at a constant level 8 of discomfort and now I'm at around a 2. I was skeptical to start PT but now that a majority of the pain in my hips, back, knees and thighs has been alleviated- I'm a believer in Advanced Motion Therapeutic."  D.S.

"During my treatments here they have completely "cured" my vertigo symptoms and problems- I'm not experiencing any dizziness at all." A.W. 


"Upon arrival I had difficulty with breathing, putting on my shoes, lifting my legs. Now I feel better about all of these daily activities. My pain was at a 7 but now I am at a 1. I loved the staff and feel that I have gained the necessary tools to continue moving forward on my own. I would recommend to anyone to use AMT and I am grateful to my doctor for taking the actions of wrapping my legs and sending me for therapy."  W.C.

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