Lymphedema Symptoms

Lymphedema Symptoms

January 22, 2020

The first obvious sign of lymphedema is swelling characterized by "pitting."  This is recognizable when the skin is depressed for a few seconds and the indentation does not immediately disappear. Other symptoms may include a tightness or heaviness in the affected aea or changes in the texture of the skin.  You may even notice that jewelry and clothing feel tighter.

What To Do If Symptoms Occur

If your lymphatic system is compromised, this area of the body will have to work much harder to circulate fluid.  when it is unable to keep up, swelling and fluid build-up are likely to develop.  Therefore, lymphatic vessels in the compromised area need external support such as wearing compression garments to assist lymphatic drainage.

What is the treatment for Lymphedema?

The treatment consists of four components:

  1. Manual Lymph Drainage
  2. Graduated Compression Garments
  3. Therapeutic Exercises
  4. Meticulous Skin Care

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